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Welcome to the Nuclear Career Pathways website

This interactive platform gives you information on a range of roles available in the nuclear sector, whether you are in education and thinking of your first job, or have experience in another sector, or are already working in nuclear and exploring your potential career path.

It concentrates mainly on priority roles for the sector, and those that are nuclear-specific. There are hundreds more occupations in the UK's nuclear sector, including its supply chain, and we know that already useful resources available elsewhere. For this reason, there are links to partner organisations' sites with information on roles in Construction, Engineering Construction and the Royal Navy.

As you explore the site, you will see that roles have been grouped into typical Pathways that someone might follow in their nuclear career. No two people's career paths will be quite the same, so they are intended as examples only. Some roles can be found in more than one Pathway - where this is the case you will see a horizontal arrow showing where you can follow it to another Pathway.

The site is currently being expanded, and we will continue to add roles and pathways as they are developed.

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