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I support the commitment to target of 40% women employed in nuclear by 2030, and pledge my organisation’s support for this.

I recognise that a necessary implication for the Nuclear Sector Deal target is that the sector moves to gender balanced recruitment in the very near future and will work with the sector to create the conditions to ensure a sufficiently balanced recruitment pipeline to increase the opportunity to meet this target.

My organisation will collaborate with the broader nuclear sector, to ensure evidence-based action and sharing of best practice.

My organisation will provide accurate and timely data provision to enable robust analysis and to help us to focus efforts on the most effective areas and ensure evidence-based action.

As a change leader in the nuclear sector, I will advocate Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I), to influence the culture required to attract the future workforce we want.

The 40% target, whilst ambitious, creates the environment to have the right conversation, and to prioritise effort in the right areas.

The nuclear sector is an innovative sector and can utilise our collective commitment to making positive and accelerated progress towards achieving a better gender balance to drive better outcomes for the nuclear sector. Gender is just one part of the broader ED&I agenda, and my organisation will continue to work together with the sector on the wider range of activities to ensure a “progressive, diverse and inclusive nuclear sector that inspires, attracts and retains people from all communities and backgrounds, and reflects the diversity of UK society”.

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