Nuclear Skills Strategy Group


Regional working groups are in development to support the local implementation of the nuclear skills agenda.

The importance of the ‘Place’ element of the Nuclear Sector Deal is recognised – the regions are going to be key in delivering the nuclear skills agenda.  Skills intervention ultimately gets delivered in a region, and their input to and role in the delivery plan is key. 

The aim is for two key outcomes

  • Agreement of a regional/place engagement model that will show how place factors as part of an overall delivery plan and sets out the key partners.
  • That regional delivery plans are mapped and aligned to the overarching NSSG delivery plan so that we have an deeper understanding of the activities that are taking place that contribute to the larger picture. 

A template populated from each region which will help to develop a multi-layered perspective of the initiatives that are nuclear skills related, and will  ensure alignment, and minimise duplication.

This will give the NSSG a clear understanding where there is benefit from collaboration across the regions and to explore opportunities for follow on activity.