Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

NSSG Skills Strategy and Nuclear Sector Deal

Strategic Plan 


Our Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan (2020), sets out the key issues driving the skills needs of the UK’s nuclear sector now and in the future. We have already seen the benefits of NSSG collaboration, and we believe that the future strategy we set out here is the right one to continue this approach in meeting the challenges.

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Nuclear Sector Deal

The overall Nuclear Sector Deal, which was developed under the stewardship of the Nuclear Industry Council (NIC), represents the investment by Government and employers to meet a clear joint vision and set of priorities:

“The UK nuclear industry will generate reliable, secure, low carbon power that is cost competitive, provide jobs and growth across the country, foster innovation and collaboration to demonstrate best in class construction, operation, support and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, capitalising on domestic and international opportunities.”

The NSSG has worked closely with the NIC, Department of Business, Environment and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and other key partners on the Sector Deal. Ensuring the UK has the skills required to ensure nuclear energy continues to power the UK, skills for decommissioning and the workforce capability to ensure cross sectoral working between our civil and defence sectors will represent an acceleration of our talent pipeline.