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Nuclear Sector Deal

The overall Nuclear Sector Deal, which was developed under the stewardship of the Nuclear Industry Council (NIC), represents the investment by Government and employers to meet a clear joint vision and set of priorities:

“The UK nuclear industry will generate reliable, secure, low carbon power that is cost competitive, provide jobs and growth across the country, foster innovation and collaboration to demonstrate best in class construction, operation, support and decommissioning of nuclear facilities, capitalising on domestic and international opportunities.”

The NSSG has worked closely with the NIC, Department of Business, Environment and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and other key partners on the Sector Deal. Ensuring the UK has the skills required to ensure nuclear energy continues to power the UK, skills for decommissioning and the workforce capability to ensure cross sectoral working between our civil and defence sectors will represent an acceleration of our talent pipeline.

In fact the NSSG-sponsored Nuclear Workforce Assessment  (NWA) shows a required net inflow (replacement and expansion demand) of 7,000 FTEs per annum for the next 5 years. Therefore, without any intervention, the current inflow of approximately 3,000 FTEs per annum falls short of the sector’s skills requirement levels by a significant amount. The skills action plan in the Sector Deal aims to  close this gap and meet the sector’s growing skills requirement.

The new Sector Deal, worth over £200m, builds on the work of the Nuclear Sector Deal Proposals developed under the leadership of NIC Co-Chair Lord Hutton.

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the NIA, recognises the significance of the people strand of the Sector Deal and states “the success of the nuclear sector in the UK will depend on the current and future capability of our workforce, and the People strand of Nuclear Sector Deal, implemented through the NSSG, will significantly contribute to ensuring this capability”.

A key part of the Sector Deal is joint activity to progress the skills agenda, which is one of five underpinning foundations in the Industrial Strategy White Paper; there are five main skills themes and associated activities which have been developed by the industry.

 Enabling skills leadership for the sector through the NSSG

  • Delivery of NSSG Strategic Plans
  • Alignment of national and regional skills initiatives
  • Robust understanding of Skills Demand

 Enabling Local Apprenticeship Pilots

  • Maximise the utilisation of the Apprenticeship Levy to increase the numbers
  • Regional Pilots
  • Increase diversity

 Creating additional Subject Matter Experts

  • Increase in PhDs
  • Level 8 Trailblazer Standard

 Enabling Transferability and Mobility between sectors

  • Pilot for sector jumpers
  • Potential to extend National College for Nuclear hubs

 Engaging with Young People on STEM Careers in Nuclear

  • Nuclear careers champions for technical education
  • Simulation Facility in the Regions
  • State of the Art facilities

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