Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

Nuclear Sector Role Profiles

The Nuclear Standards Advisory Group has developed Role Profiles for selected priority roles in the nuclear sector, to update and replace the former set of Job Contexts.

Each Role Profile is intended to be a useful industry benchmark for generic roles commonly seen in the sector. They sit alongside the individual role descriptions that companies will have for their own staff to ensure suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP) in their workforce, supporting a systematic approach to training and skills development.

Each Role Profile contains information on the following areas relating to roles at various levels:

  • Occupational profile
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Behaviours
  • Professional registration

Nuclear sector employers use these when developing or updating job descriptions, recruitment advertisements, competence frameworks and training plans. They also contributed to the Nuclear Career Pathways platform (accessible through the menu at the top of this page), and can be useful to individuals reviewing their own skills and career development.


Role Profiles developed:

Industrial Safety   Cyber Security

Industrial Safety Manager


Cyber Security Technologist/Analyst

Nuclear Safety Case Preparation   Decommissioning
Safety Case Author   Nuclear Decommissioning Operative
Safety Case Officer / Manager   Nuclear Decommissioning Team Leader
    Nuclear Decommissioning Engineer
Health Physics    Laboratory Operations
Health Physics Monitor   Laboratory Technician 
Radiation Protection Team Leader   Research & Development Technician
Health Physicist   Analytical Technician
Waste Management   Nuclear Maintenance
Waste Management Operative   Nuclear Maintenance Technician 
Waste Management Operations Team Leader   Nuclear Maintenance Fitter
Waste Management Operations Manager   Nuclear Maintenance Team Leader
Waste Management Strategy & Tech Services Manager   Nuclear Maintenance Project Engineer
Waste Manager   Nuclear Maintenance Senior Engineer


Further occupational areas will be added to the list above as directed by the Standards Advisory Group.


Related Resources

The roles selected are those determined to be used regularly in the nuclear sector, being either nuclear-specific or of particular current priority for skills requirements. To avoid duplication, the sector has decided not to concentrate on more generic roles where they are already covered by similar resources elsewhere.

For Engineering Construction roles commonly found in the sector, the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board has a career pathways site at:

ECITB Career Builder

For Construction roles, especially relevant to nuclear new build activity, the Construction Industry Training Board provides related information at:

CITB GoConstruct


For further information on this or any of the work of the Standards Advisory Group, please contact