NSSG members have partnered with curriculum specialists Developing Experts to create range of tools for teachers and students.

The resources are designed to help young people increase their “science capital” before embarking on the careers. Leading employers – including National Nuclear Laboratory, Rolls Royce, Cavendish Nuclear, Nuclear Waste Services, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the Office for Nuclear Regulation, Frazer-Nash, EDF Energy and Magnox – are supporting the initiative.

So far, the tools have been delivered to more than 1,000 schools across the UK through an innovative online learning platform. They show young people from all backgrounds that what they learn in science lessons can apply directly to real careers in the nuclear sector, inspiring them to study Stem subjects and consider science-linked careers – which will, in turn, boost the UK’s long-term talent pipeline.

It achieves this through highlighting the real-world industrial applications of the science curriculum, introducing young people to the exciting opportunities available in nuclear and the wider science sector. The programme delivers these benefits on a scale no single organisation could achieve and since they were launched last term the resources have been met with a hugely positive response from students and teachers alike. More employers are now working with the NSSG to support and expand the programme.

Aside from increasing important technical know-how, these resources also challenge stereotypes and negative perceptions of the industry, as well as shining a much-needed light on the range of fulfilling nuclear careers available. Moreover, they have also been specifically designed to empower teachers with the confidence and knowledge to bring nuclear science into the classroom.

As a result of this work, thousands of young people have already seen first-hand how nuclear science is an exciting and vital part of the UK’s future economy. Harnessing the power of collaboration to demonstrate how studying science and related subjects can be pivotal in helping them secure a rewarding career in the future is also being demonstrated.

The Vocational Education Group is an industry-led group that proactively engages in the design of, a fit-for-purpose vocational system that meets nuclear employer needs, through the articulation of clear policy positions and overseeing and commissioning the design of standards and regulated products.

The Group is currently undertaking a review of common apprenticeship Standards across the nuclear sector working with the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education. For more information on this work please contact Martin.McManus@cogentskills.com

Project Outline:  To understand the current capacity of existing nuclear skills provision against demand and the barriers to the upscaling of provision to meet increasing demand.  Specifically, the identification and understanding of:

•Duplication of effort and spare capacity

•Planned and aspirational increases in C&C

•The geographical spread of C&C

•The required C&C to support current and future programmes

•Shortfalls in planned C&C to meet current and future programmes

•Recommendations to support future investment to grow/optimise C&C

For more information about this live project please contact nssgmembers@cogentskills.com

Working Together

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