Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

11 May 2020

WiN UK Patron encourages applications for Nuclear Future Award

Applications for the Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global, Nuclear Future Award are open. Applicants are welcome from members aged 40 and under with 3 years + experience in nuclear. Applicants need to describe their involvement in a successful initiative or project related to the WiN Mission.

David Peattie, WiN UK Patron and NDA CEO:

“During these incredibly challenging times and as horizons inevitably narrow, we must all keep in mind the light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually we will all have opportunities to meet again in person, and to develop our careers by sharing and learning from others across our nuclear industry.

“With this in mind, as WiN UK’s Patron, I’m joining WiN UK President, Lynsey Valentine, to encourage all our outstanding young female nuclear professionals to consider learning more about WiN Global and applying for their Nuclear Future Award.

“The prize for the award winner is funded participation at the next Women in Nuclear Global Conference, which will be hosted by WiN Canada near Niagara Falls, Ontario."

For more information on how to apply.