Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

26 Oct 2020

Successful Webinar: Apprenticeship End Point Assessment in the Nuclear Sector

The NSSG and the Nuclear Standards Advisory Group (SAG) held the first inĀ  a series of webinars on 14th October. The subject was Apprenticeship End Point Assessment in the nuclear sector, an issue facing most nuclear sector employers over the past few years as England has moved to the new system of Apprenticeship Standards. The aim of the session was to share experiences, lessons learned, and good practice from the first few cohorts of apprentices who have been through End Point Assessment in the sector.

The webinar saw 21 attendees from across the nuclear sector. They heard presentations from the Education & Skills Funding Agency and the Institute for Apprenticeships, Sellafield, the NSSG, and two End Point Assessment Organisations: NSAN and SIAS. Attendees were able to share their own experiences and feed back to the EPAOs and to government on the design of the assessment process.

Feedback after the webinar has been very positive, and the NSSG will be running a series of webinars on other topics including T Levels and Pre-apprenticeship programmes. We will share details of these events when they are arranged.