Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

02 Dec 2020

Skilled Nuclear workforce essential for post pandemic economic recovery

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group’s  (NSSG) updated Strategic Plan provides a focus for industry and government to work together in support of a diverse, resilient and highly skilled nuclear workforce.

Produced in collaboration with a range of industry partners, the document sets out the skills priorities required to close skills gaps, ensuring the sector is primed to attract and retain world-class talent, building on the nuclear sector’s continued success through its people.

The COVID-19 economic recovery provides a window of opportunity for the sector to act as a platform for growth. Capital spending on national infrastructure projects will create high value local job opportunities and put the UK on the path to meeting its net zero emissions target by 2050.  To deliver this, requires co-ordinated skills planning to ensure employers can attract and retain the talent needed to meet current and future skills demands.

Launched today, this updated plan reflects latest industry insight and highlights the progress against key skills themes so far.

“With the need for a sustainable low-carbon energy supply greater than ever, we are ensuring that this opportunity is met with a proactive skills plan that attracts and retains the best talent from across all communities and backgrounds, reflecting the diversity in UK society today.

As parts of our economy feel the impact more severely, NSSG activity around sector transferability - upskilling and redeploying skills and knowledge from outside of nuclear – will become a key imperative.

The Nuclear Sector Deal has already highlighted our sector’s role in delivering key themes of the UK’s Industrial Strategy. Successful development of new civil nuclear projects incorporating the latest Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) technology is only possible with a world leading, highly skilled nuclear workforce.”

Corhyn Parr, Chair of the Nuclear Skills Strategy group


“It is vital we can make sure the nuclear sector has access to the talent pipeline it needs to thrive.

“Apprenticeships are a brilliant way to learn the skills needed and to start a rewarding career in the nuclear sector with a range of opportunities available, from Nuclear health physics monitor to Nuclear welding inspection technician.

“It is great to see the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group joining forces with industry partners to make sure the sector can develop the highly skilled workforce it needs for the future. I look forward to hearing more about their exciting plans.”

Gillian Keegan, Apprenticeships and Skills Minister


Notes on progress – key examples

Since its inception, the NSSG has launched or supported:

  • Gender Roadmap launched in partnership with the Women in Nuclear (WiN) to support the Nuclear Sector Deal (NSD) gender target of 40% women in nuclear by 2030.
  • The Labour Market Information (LMI) for 2019 Nuclear Workforce Assessment.
  • Delivered a Nuclear Skills Conference and Summit to engage more than 400 industry stakeholders.
  • “Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Nuclear Sector”, the newly developed sector owned strategy, launched. Supported by an Equality Diversity and Inclusion Task Group together with a set of principles and a framework for action.
  • Online Nuclear Career Pathways platform launched.
  • Bursary scheme supporting individuals for education and training.
  • Project management support for six themes of activity, plans and key milestones.