Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

14 Feb 2020

Sellafield’s Rebecca Ballantyne has been named one of the world’s top female scientists.

Rebecca Ballantyne, has been included in the Global Shaker Women in Science list which introduces the top 20 women in science to know. Ballantyne is a Senior Technologist and Chartered Chemist at Sellafield

Rebecca said:

"I work as part of the Technical and Strategy Team for the Analytical Services Programme on the Sellafield site. I’m involved in instrument method development and technical problem solving to support the work we do with the analytical laboratories."

Rebecca is also passionately working to encourage more girls and women to consider science as a career.

She said:

"Many areas that I’ve worked in have a noticeable lack of female graduates and I’d like to encourage more girls to explore the sciences as possible career choices.

STEM subject choices at school and university, can lead onto fast paced and challenging professions like mine."

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