Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

30 May 2019

Review into post-18 education and funding released

The review into post-18 education and funding has been released today, with the publication of a 216-page report.

Speaking at the publication of the review's findings, the prime minister emphasised the importance of providing support for further education colleges.

"They are vital engines of both social mobility and of economic prosperity," said Mrs May.

There would also be a "lifelong learning loan allowance", accessible for those in upper levels of technical qualifications as well as universities.

 Main proposals for FE. 

  1. The FE college ‘network’ should be ‘rationalised’ and given a dedicated capital investment
  2. There should be full funding for qualifications at levels 2 and 3 for all adults
  3. The reduction in the core funding rate for 18-year-olds should be reversed
  4. ESFA funding rules should be simplified and government should commit to providing an indicative adult education budget
  5. Funding for level 6 apprenticeships and above should be available only for those who have not previously undertaken a publicly-supported degree
  6. Investment in the FE workforce should be a ‘priority’
  7. Government should improve data collection, collation, analysis and publication across FE
  8. FE colleges should have a protected title like universities
  9. Ofsted should become the lead responsible body for inspecting apprenticeships at all levels

Full Report