Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

27 Mar 2020

PMO drives forward Sector Deal

The latest Nuclear Sector Deal Project Management Office Meeting (PMO) took place in March.  The NSSG is represented on the PMO, providing input, guidance and reporting on progress against the NSSG’s Delivery Plan which aligns with the Skills element of the NSD.

The PMO is delivering a central function: coordinating between the Sector Deal working groups, driving progress within industry and government, and helping to build momentum and excite industry as it comes together to deliver the deal’s commitments.

The PMO is evolving to be a decision-making body and its developing societal and economic case for nuclear, underpinned by clear data and modelling,  will be part of a strategic positioning of the future of nuclear; this will see clear alignment into Government Energy Strategy and NetZero targets.  

The PMO also discussed the forthcoming two year anniversary of the Nuclear Sector Deal, highlighting the role of the working groups in feeding into a wider Progress Report and a communications strategy to showcase successes and best practice.

The Group is also looking to explore wider involvement and promotion of the sector in energy conferences and events, particularly those which connect producers and suppliers of renewable and low carbon energy solutions. Such events bring together policy makers, investors, developers, and other professionals and it would be very timely for the sector to take part in such important knowledge exchange and networking.

Video - Jay Bhart, Director, Nuclear Sector Deal PMO introduces the PMO team including NSSG’s Annalise Beddard and Beccy Pleasant at Nuclear 2019.