Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

14 May 2019

Nuclear Skills 2019: a rich legacy

The inaugural Nuclear Skills 2019 which took place in March, organised by the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group, targeted the key Nuclear Sector Deal (NSD) workforce themes, reflecting on the challenges for the nuclear sector; importantly it brought together the people and organisations who can solve these critical issues. The conference focused on the five NSD people themes:

  • Enhanced Skills Leadership from the Sector: a drive for greater diversity
  • Exciting the Next Generation: Diversity & Attraction
  • Staying at the Cutting Edge: Growing our Subject Matter Experts
  • Local Apprenticeships: Building our Talent Pipeline
  • Sector Transferability: Supporting Transferability, Flexibility and Mobility

The conference was a showcase for the wide variety of activity and programmes of key partners in the landscape, who are equipping both the nuclear industry’s current workforce and its new talent with the skills that will deliver the sector’s ambition, and ensuring it has the deep expertise required to deploy both current and future nuclear technologies.

Nuclear Skills 19 has provided us with a fantastic range of resources and outputs! Please view our dedicated website page to explore photos, presentations and workshop outputs.

Nuclear Skills 19