Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

03 Jun 2020

Nuclear Sector Gender Commitment: Join the 170 organisations and individuals who have already committed

Shortly after releasing the Gender Commitment, we received a plethora of signatures on behalf of both individuals and companies/organisations. During this time, having an online platform available to those who still wish to sign the commitment is convenient, and incorporates a level of efficiency we cannot match relying on the physical book alone.

Recently, we received a signature from Rikewende Bitrus Kefas, who works as an Assistant Chief Information Officer with the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission in Abuja. We reached out to inquire about his interest and his response was as follows:

“I promote, sensitize and educate and also engage in stakeholder involvement Duties, media relations and public relations on the peaceful application of nuclear science/Technology and Atomic Energy and all related fields and practices with safety, security and safeguard as the watch word. I heard about the gender commitment from WINS and signed up to it to support the move for gender equality in the nuclear sector in Nigeria and the world at large in order to encourage nuclear energy and information sharing diversity and to bridge nuclear knowledge gender gap between men and women in the industry.”

Both individuals and representatives of organisations can sign up to either a personal commitment or an organisational commitment. Both options see the recipient pledging personal or organisational support to the Nuclear Sector Deal commitment to target of 40% women employed in nuclear by 2030.