Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

14 Feb 2021

Nuclear Decommissioning - National Occupational Standards Consultation

A working group of subject matter experts has been working over the past few months on the review of the National Occupational Standards for Nuclear Decommissioning. These have been drafted and reviewed by the working group, overseen by the Nuclear Standards Advisory Group as the steering group. Cogent Skills is the Standards Setting Organisation for the nuclear sector and has supported the process on behalf of employers.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of the standards of performance individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding. They are used  for developing skills and knowledge, direct transfer into vocational and other qualifications, frameworks for training programmes, measures of workplace competence and influencing job descriptions.

The NOS are listed on this page, with an explanatory list. Any further comments on this consultation should be emailed to Martin McManus ( by 22nd February.

Explanatory notes

COGN207: Assess the risks of undertaking radiation-related work activities

COGN400: Dismantle and remove contaminated plant, structures and equipment used within nuclear facilities

COGN401: Minimise and package radioactive waste in a nuclear decommissioning environment

COGN402: Identify and minimise hazards and risks

COGN403: Decontaminate plant, structures and equipment for nuclear decommissioning

COGN406: Implement safe access systems in a radiation/contamination controlled environment

COGN407: Prepare engineering equipment for use in a radiation/contamination controlled environment

COGN410: Prepare contamination-controlled areas for nuclear decommissioning

COGN411: Assemble equipment to aid nuclear decommissioning

COGN412: Dismantle equipment use in nuclear decommissioning

COGN413: Carry out planned preventative maintenance procedures on equipment used in nuclear decommissioning

COGN414: Test and adjust equipment used in nuclear decommissioning to meet operational requirements

COGN415: Operate remote controlled equipment for use in nuclear decommissioning

COGN416: Perform operational monitoring of radiological conditions

COGN417: Check radiological monitoring instruments and equipment are in good order

COGN420: Contribute to technical leadership on nuclear decommissioning activities

COGN422: Supervise radiation-related work activities