Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

05 Jul 2019

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Annual Report acknowledges its lead role on NSSG

The NDA annual report and accounts 2018/19 reviews a year of progress towards its mission of cleaning up and decommissioning the UK’s civil nuclear sites.

The People section notes that it is the NDA’s people that underpin its success.

 “Our focus is on developing a high-performing organisation that is committed to continuous improvement in all that we do.

We want the NDA to be a great place to work. During 2018/19, we have focused on activity that will support the success of our businesses and ultimately our mission by strengthening effectiveness, innovation and collaboration.

We value greatly our relationship with the trade unions. To help us deliver successful decommissioning, we have been working with them at national and local levels to develop strong strategic partnerships that will take us into the future.

To fulfil our responsibilities under the Nuclear Sector Deal, we are taking a lead role nationally through our membership of the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG). The skills group is developing the people theme of the Nuclear Sector Deal and at the NDA we have aligned our NDA group people strategy to reflect the national targets and aspirations. We have also continued to work with government and across the NDA group on workforce reform, specifically related to pensions.”

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