Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

12 Jun 2020

Nuclear Apprenticeship Survey now open

The Nuclear Standards Advisory Group is conducting a survey of apprenticeships across the nuclear sector.

This follows the inaugural Nuclear Apprenticeship Survey last year, which provided a good understanding of the sector’s uptake and use of apprenticeships and issues relating to the Apprenticeship Levy.

The survey’s findings have been used to support discussions with government -  including with the Secretary of State for Education who took a personal interest in the findings – and to help planning for collective sector action on apprenticeships.

 We would now like to like to ask employers in the sector to complete this short survey for 2020. The data obtained within this survey is not available elsewhere, so it is vital we collect as many responses as possible to get an accurate overview of apprenticeship uptake across the science industries. Given that this is the second time of running such a survey, it will be possible this time to start to compare differences over time.

 Finally, we know many companies are still making use of apprenticeships wherever possible, but have moved to remote solutions to allow training to continue while the country is in “lockdown”. We have included questions in the survey on the impact of COVID-19.

The survey is open online until Friday 28th August.

Any queries about the survey can be discussed with Steve Bennett