Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

22 Jul 2019

NSSG publishes Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (ED&I) for the Nuclear Sector

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group’s (NSSG’s) new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Strategy outlines a sector commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, bringing a clear, national focus to its efforts to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The Strategy sees a strengthened resolve and ambition to tap into the pools of talent across UK society which are underrepresented.  Importantly it builds on the existing initiatives and notable good practice that exist within the sector, as well as setting out existing professional knowledge which has been applied for assessing current ED&I maturity and developing robust and practical models for change.

The ED&I Strategy sets out a new Mission:

Leading the nuclear sector to challenge the status quo, stimulate cultural change and achieve greater diversity and a more inclusive sector for all. Providing the guidance and focus to support the industry in its desire to meet the goals contained within the Government’s Nuclear Sector Deal.1

The programme has five strategic aims:

  • To support the nuclear industry to foster a more Inclusive Culture
  • To support social inclusion and mobility through improved Local Apprenticeships
  • Provide guidance for the sector to Stay at the Cutting Edge through continued Innovation and Growth
  • Provide the information, tools and share best practice for more agile and flexible ways of working
  • Support the industry in Exciting the next Generation through improved Attraction and Branding strategies

While the NSSG’s employer* members have sponsored and supported this strategy, it is designed to be a sector-wide strategy and the NSSG recognises that it will only be effective if the principles contained within it are equally supported by the wider sector. Through its supply chain representatives, the NSSG commits to extending the reach of this strategy as widely as possible, and the approaches outlined will be available to any nuclear sector employers.

The NSSG will establish a Sharing Forum to support the implementation of the strategy and share  best practice on a rolling programme of diversity and inclusion topics.

Dr Fiona Rayment OBE, Director, NIRO (National Nuclear Laboratory) Chair, Nuclear Skills Strategy Group said:

Sue Ferns, Senior Deputy General Secretary, Prospect Trade Union said:

David Vineall, Group Human Resources Director, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) added:

The NSSG would also like to thank NDA Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Anne Jenkins and David Vineall, NDA Group Human Resources Director for authoring and overseeing this important Strategy, using their extensive experience on this agenda and collating the appropriate evidence, research and inputs.