Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

27 Mar 2020

NSSG explores Agile Nuclear Workforce Scenario Modelling

Credible forecasting of the nuclear industry’s workforce requirements provide the backdrop to the development of a robust skills strategy.

For the existing nuclear estate, major work programmes extend over decades and, while they are subject to some change, long-term demand is comparatively stable.

However, new programmes to increase civil generating capacity are far less easy to predict, with a range of existing and emerging technologies contributing to the options.

The 2050 net zero carbon emissions commitment has extended the opportunities for nuclear new build, and particularly for the exploitation of emerging technologies.

To prepare for the skills challenges ahead, the NSSG is looking to develop an agile model that can quickly address scenarios from the modest to the ambitious.

The NSSG is currently proposing work to establish the principal features and boundaries of such a model, and the industry support that will needed to provide the all-important source data.

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