Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

19 Jun 2020

NSSG Delivery Plan

Following the Nuclear Skills Summit in March, the NSSG have been working with the very committed Theme leads, and shadow theme leads, to take the output and refine it into the delivery plan for the next phase of our delivery.

The workshop delivered plenty of output, and these ideas have been refined, prioritized, and considered against the backdrop of other priorities with have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Each NSSG theme has a delivery plan with interventions identified, a schedule for when it will be delivered, and supporting organizations identified. 

The 5 shadow theme leads (Georgina Hines-NIA, Dakotah Shirfield-NuclearGraduate, Priya Hira-NuclearGraduate, Sarah Grayston-Jacobs, and Ben Truscott-MOD) commenced this process at the Summit, and have been driving it hard since, throughout lockdown. Their efforts were recognized by the NSSG at a recent meeting. Final tweaks are now being made, and then each theme owner will present their plan to the next NSSG meeting (1st July). Following this check and challenge session, this plan will then be publicized, and work will start on delivering these industry driven priorities. We are also planning a series of webinars on each theme to share progress. Watch this space!