Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

14 May 2019

New Nuclear Career Pathways Site launched

A dedicated web platform for people interested in starting a career in the UK’s nuclear sector has been launched.

The site has been launched as part of the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group’s objectives to ensure we can meet the demand for 1000s of skilled jobs needed in the UK by 2021, and to build a more diverse workforce – including 40% female representation by 2030.

The Nuclear Career Pathways site is aimed at those interested in nuclear careers, including young people considering starting their first job, experienced employees from other sectors looking at switching to nuclear, and those who already work in the sector but are considering where their career might take them.

Everyone’s career path is different, and no two people will tell the same story about their route into their current role, so the site shows some typical common pathways that people might follow in a range of areas from laboratory work to decommissioning, maintenance, radiation protection and others.

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