Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

29 Sep 2020

National Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update

The NSSG is continuing the collaboration with Government and other skills bodies first reported in February. Infrastructure planning was already a high priority as one route to promoting economic growth. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has, if anything, emphasised the importance of capital spending of the size and timescale of major national infrastructure.

The last National Infrastructure Delivery Plan was published in March 2015 and covered the years 2016 to 2021. At the time of writing, Government is preparing to publish an updated plan. Along with colleagues in EDF, the Construction and Engineering Construction Industry Training Boards, EU Skills and the National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR), the NSSG is analysing the total workforce demand and supply to identify pinch-points and propose mitigations.

This is a substantial task, attempting to take account of workforce mobility, different but similar skill sets, and a range of different data sources. Over the next few weeks, a report to government will be produced to coincide with the publication of the new plan.  It will provide an evidential base for mitigations to support common skill areas. For nuclear, the emphasis will be on current projects, the opportunities to support the 2050 net-zero greenhouse gas target, and the importance of government commitment to the long-term role of nuclear in the energy mix.