Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

10 Feb 2022

Introducing our new Shadow Theme Leads for 2022!

We recently appointed 7 early career 'Shadow Theme Leads' from within the sector on a voluntary basis to support leading the sector's approach to skills across a range of themes.

The team share our passion and ambitions for skills in the sector and we look forward to working closely with them to help shape the industry that they will be the future leaders of!

The new Shadow Themes leads are:

Nicole Lee                       Enhanced Skills Leadership theme

Calum Cunningham         Pathways and Apprenticeships theme

Felipe Basaglia                Sector Transferability theme

Max Karous                    Exciting the Next Generation theme

Courtney Ireland             Cross theme support

Cicily Hillebrand              Cross theme support

Steve Barker                  Secretariat support for NSSG


Meet the team in our introductory video here: