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24 Aug 2021

High level summary of Nuclear 2050 progress

Nuclear 2050 

Nuclear 2050 is an evolution of the Nuclear Sector Deal, ensuring a robust programme fit for today’s nuclear sector landscape. Development of Nuclear 2050 continues to progress well towards launching to the sector and the public. Led by the Nuclear Sector Deal PMO (soon to be the Nuclear 2050 PMO), the sector has come together to ultimately set a vision for Nuclear 2050. The Nuclear Sector Deal’s (NSD) two cost reduction targets and women in nuclear target remain a key focus under Nuclear 2050 and are arguable even more important to realise in today’s nuclear landscape as it was when the NSD was launched in 2018. The NSD’s fourth target, ‘£2bn worth of contract wins by 2030’, has been evolved to drive and challenge the sector further, with the sector targeting £65bn worth of export contracts by 2050.

82 commitments were made under the NSD, with 31 of these being completed to date. The sector, through the NSD working groups, has evaluated the NSD’s remaining commitments against whether they are fit for the current landscape which has seen significant changes including publication of the Energy White Paper and legislation of a UK Net Zero target. In parallel, the sector submitted over 150 ideas to consider for inclusion in Nuclear 2050. Through a process of extensive stakeholder engagement across the sector, including the working groups, the Nuclear Industry Council and Government, Nuclear 2050 commits industry and Government to four targets and 45 commitments. Delivering these commitments will enable the sector to achieve the targets.

Nuclear 2050 will be launched as a concise, yet informative, interactive document. This will be underpinned by ‘Nuclear 2050: A Deep Dive’; a more traditional publication which includes all of the underpinning and complimentary detail required. The Nuclear 2050 team are currently working through the final stages of developing the publication and will be launching very soon, whilst work is already underway to develop the plans behind delivering the Nuclear 2050 commitments.

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