Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

24 Jul 2020

ECITB: Train to Retain

The Train to Retain scheme will support the retention of essential skills in the industry by providing grants for professional development activities for apprentices, trainees and graduates. These development activities will support the continuation of learning and will be carried out when individuals are not working on their normal activities. The second round of applications includes trainees and extended eligibility for apprentices and graduates.

In-scope employers can now apply for a second round of funding until 6 August and funding decisions in principle will be awarded from 13 August. The scheme will initially run for a period of 12 months until July 2021. The ECITB Board will review the operation of the scheme on a regular basis and consider any changes that may be necessary. This includes the possibility of extending the scheme beyond July 2021.

The scheme is targeted at apprentices, trainees and graduates who are unable to pursue their current recognised industry programmes at the present time. As entry-level workers, they are relatively inexperienced and as such are more vulnerable during times of economic instability. By targeting the retention of essential ECI skills, as opposed to generic skills, the scheme will help to ensure the industry retains the future talent it needs to grow and remain competitive.

For more information and to learn more about eligibility criteria.

Please note:- The application process for Train to Retain is only open to in-scope ECITB employers.