Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

21 Sep 2022

ECITB launches new strategy to support industry growth

The ECITB has launched its new three-year strategy to Lead Industry Learning.

The ECITB Strategy 2023-25 follows the measures they enacted to secure skills during the pandemic and focuses on tackling the key challenges facing the engineering construction industry over the next three years.

Chiefly, the new strategy aims to help employers recruit and train the skilled people they need amid the biggest labour availability crisis in memory. With project activity expected to increase, this challenge is only likely to grow.

ECITB has pledged over £87m to support skills and training over the strategy period. This commitment will ensure the ECITB plays a vital role in helping the industry tackle skills shortages and upskill existing workers.

The new strategy is the culmination of 12 months work and extensive consultation with employers, training providers, clients and government representatives. This includes over 17 strategy workshops held across Britain earlier in the year.

The ECITB Strategy 2023-25 is available to view or download via this link