Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

23 Jun 2021

COVID-19 Return to Work Planning

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group have put together the following COVID19 Return to Work Planning document suite. The suite has been put together with the support of senior industry professionals who share a passion for ED&I in our industry.

It has been designed to help you Reconnect, Re-engage, Reinvigorate your workforce as they return to the workplace. The document suite is available below:

Future Ways of Working guidance presentation

Returning to the office can be considered in two phases, immediate return followed by the ‘future of work’. Therefore, in recognizing this, the enclosed includes a ‘Return to Work Checklist’ and secondly a ‘Team Discussion document’ to help your company in going forward post-pandemic

Flexibility assessment 

Identifying that a job role can be carried out with flexibility in working location, working hours and other conditions can significantly increase the quantity, quality and diversity of applicants as well as the well-being of employees. Every job role can be assessed against the FLEX criteria to determine the degree of flexibility that is appropriate for the role.

Holding on to the Gains – inclusion in the workplace of the future guidance

This article summarises the aspects employers may want to consider surrounding inclusion in the workplace post-pandemic. At the Nuclear Skills Festival 2021, the NSSG ED&I group led a workshop aimed at understanding the gains in working environment, practices and culture resulting from our adaption to the pandemic.  Many people have found there have been some real gains in terms of their sense of inclusion during this time – most notably around flexibility of working practices and a sense of shared experience and empathy.

Holding on to the Gains – Changes in how we work after the Pandemic

Adapted from a workshop at the Nuclear Skills Festival 2021 this article summarises some of the key insights drawn from real examples shared during the workshop, while recognising that the effects of the pandemic have been different for each individual, job role and organisation. Starting with the good things, and then the bad things that we have learned from working through the pandemic, we move on to look at harnessing the opportunities to improve flexibility, inclusion and well-being.