Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

16 Oct 2020

Committee on Climate Change’s 2020 progress report: government response

In June 2020, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published its annual report on progress in reducing UK emissions, assessing the government’s climate change mitigation activity.

Today (16th October 2020) the government publish their response to the report, which sets out:

  • the progress we have made towards meeting UK carbon budgets
  • plans for further policy action to deliver on the commitments in the Clean Growth Strategy
  •  the response to the recommendations in the CCC’s report on reducing emissions

"Nuclear power will continue to play a role in the UK’s future energy mix as we transition to a low-carbon economy, including through our investments in small and advanced modular reactors. In 2019, nuclear power stations provided approximately 17% of the electricity generated in the UK. Over the next decade, many UK nuclear plants will be coming to the end of their lives at a time when the demand for low-carbon electricity is likely to increase. BEIS will continue to deliver the Nuclear Sector Deal68 and the nuclear generation policy and legal framework in order to maximise the value and benefit of nuclear power to the UK and we will also be running an Advanced Modular Reactors R&D programme to support advanced nuclear innovation. In July 2020, we awarded up to £30 million to successful participants to further their advanced reactor designs."

Link to full report.