Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

16 Dec 2021

CEO Gender Dialogue Meeting

The last quarter has seen the start of a series of CEO dialogue meetings across the sector. Organised by Women in Nuclear, supported by the NSSG, these meetings with senior members of organisations across the sector, look at the gender data for that organisation, compared to the national picture, broken down by discipline, level, trainees, recruitment rates etc. These evidence-based dialogue sessions focus on two things. Firstly what that organisation is doing well, what initiatives and interventions are making a difference, that can then be shared with others as part of the subsequent meeting, and secondly what areas of EDI that the organisation might benefit from ideas from others, developing a bespoke action plan for each organisation. To date, we have run these sessions with NNL and with Sellafield. Both of these organisations fully contributed to the process and were able to share excellent examples of work being successfully undertaken, but more importantly, were able to identify gaps that need filling in order to make a difference. We will be scheduling in similar sessions with other key industry players in 2022. If you would like to nominate your organisation, please get in touch.