Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

15 Oct 2020

Assystem appeals to eco-minded to support UK nuclear expansion

Assystem is today looking for engineers who are passionate about the energy transition to join them as they begin a three-week long search for new recruits, of all grades, to work on the world’s most exciting and important energy transition projects in the UK and Europe.

A recent YouGov poll of the UK public has found that a high percentage of women and 18-24-year-olds believe it is important for the UK to be a Net-Zero emissions nation.

This sentiment times perfectly with the expansion of the nuclear industry, where projects such as Hinkley Point C, as well as the ready to go Sizewell C and UK SMR programme, will unlock thousands of jobs in the development of low-carbon technology that will be a cornerstone of the UK’s Net Zero ambition.

Assystem’s UK Business Development Director, Simon Barber, has urged young professionals to consider careers in the UK nuclear industry.

He said: “We are delighted to hear that these specific groups really care about fighting for a low carbon economy in the UK.  Today we have launched a recruitment campaign to find enthusiastic, motivated engineers and STEM graduates a to join our company and benefit from having access to most exciting projects that sit right at the heart of the nation’s energy transition.

“Women today represent just 22% of the UK’s nuclear sector workforce so it’s vital that women join the industry to bring the necessary diversity of thought required to build complex and challenging projects where varied perspectives drive innovation.”

Assystem’s role as a member of the UK’s SMR Consortium means it has roles available on the Cooling Water Island and Balance of Plant projects, each allowing candidates to play their part in a first-of-a-kind opportunity.

Providing 10% of global electricity supply, nuclear power is the second-largest source of low-carbon electricity today and has a key role to play in a low carbon energy mix.  In the UK nuclear provides around 20% of the nation’s electricity and is positioned to be the ideal partner to renewables in the future low carbon energy mix through the provision of secure and stable baseload energy to the grid.

For the first time in more than 20 years nuclear power is being built again in the UK at Hinkley Point C, where Assystem is a Tier 1 supplier and other ready-to-go projects include the UK SMR programme led by Rolls-Royce and Sizewell C, that would stimulate a supply chain upwards of 30,000 jobs.

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