Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

22 Mar 2022

Annalise Beddard wins gold at the International Women's Day Awards

This year, SDA and DE&S Women’s Inclusive Network recognised the accomplishments of women in our organisations through the International Women's Day Awards. The NSSG’s Annalise Beddard won the 1st prize in the ‘SupportHER’ award which recognises change and a commitment to encouraging, advancing, sponsoring, and championing the progress of women.


Colleagues were nominated from across the DE&S and SDA, showcasing a fantastic array of talents and accomplishments. Annalise, is a third-year Project Management Apprentice at Cogent Skills and has just completed an eight-month inward secondment to the SDA.

Annalise split her time between the CE- Stealth Team at the SDA, whilst continuing to support the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group. In the Stealth Team, Annalise was given some demanding PM objectives but still managed to find the time to deliver careers outreach to schools on behalf of the SDA, notably to Fleetwood in a deprived area of the North West.  Annalise made a great impact on the school which raised great interest from young female students to consider careers in the nuclear sector.

Meanwhile, at the NSSG, Annalise has been directly involved in key nuclear themes including  'exciting the next generation', inspiring young people in STEM,and specifically promoting the nuclear sector and SDA as exciting careers to pursue. Overall, Annalise showed a great personal commitment and enthusiasm for championing women in nuclear, both in her involvement with 'exciting the next generation', and taking personal time out to visit a challenging school to promote careers in nuclear.

Annalise has demonstrated herself as a role model for women in the SDA and NSSG and above all women in the nuclear sector. This was shown both in her determination to succeed in the SDA and through inspiring other women to do the same.  

Many congratulations to Annalise from the NSSG Team for all her hard work, the award is very well deserved!