Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

17 Jun 2020

An Introduction to the Nuclear Sector Deal

The Nuclear Sector Deal (NSD), a commitment agreed between the UK government and the nuclear industry to delivery significant social-economic benefits by 2030, was published on 28th June 2018. Five working groups, led by senior industry champions, have been established to deliver the NSD targets and commitments:

  • New Build Cost Reduction Working Group led by Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson (EDF Energy) to achieve 30% reduction in the cost of new build projects
  • Legacy Cost Reduction Working Group led by Simon Bowen (Cavendish Nuclear) to achieve savings of 20% in the cost of decommissioning compared with current estimates
  • Winning UK Business Working Group led by Andy Storer (Nuclear AMRC) to work towards wining up to £2 billion domestic and international contract
  • Future Workforce Working Group led by Corhyn Parr (NDA) to achieve the target of 40% women in nuclear
  • Innovation and R&D Working Group led by Fiona Rayment (NNL) to drive innovation activities and leadership to deliver the NSD targets

In order to independently support the five NSD Working Groups in delivering their targets and to effectively communicate, monitor and report progress, the Nuclear Sector Deal Programme Management Office was established in late October 2019 with the announcement of the NSD Programme Management Office Director, Jay Bhart.

The NSD PMO has five primary objectives:

  • Deliver an integrated performance and risk dashboard with regular reviews
  • Identify and manage strategic dependencies
  • Communicate and manage key stakeholder groups
  • Support the delivery of the NSD Working Groups
  • Transparency and Traceability

Since the establishment of the PMO, a number of achievements have been obtained. The PMO team currently has five part time members that directly support the working group leaders, 3 full-time members to deliver the core requirements of the PMO and 3 part time support members from Government and industry have joined the team - and in the process of recruiting 2 full time members by secondment.  A PMO Roadmap and a Performance Dashboard have been developed to enable successful delivery of the NSD Programme by establishing PMO processes and controls and assess the progress that has been made against the targets and commitments on the NSD.  Finally, a Communication Strategy has been created with the aim of effectively communicating with stakeholders, as well as timely updating the nuclear industry, government and other organisations on the priorities and achievements of NSD.