Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

UK Atomic Energy Authority: Women in Nuclear Event

Event date(s)
13 Oct 2020

Event Details

The UK Atomic Energy Authority are running an online event on Tuesday 13th October 2020 encouraging women from diverse backgrounds to consider the Nuclear Industry as an exciting and inspiring career path.  

The event is open to all who wish to join, however our theme centres around addressing the barriers and challenges that women may face in entering the industry. We aim to spark a discussion around overcoming these to further develop their career in the field. 

Key topics that will be covered throughout the event will be as follows:  

  • Which path to take? - Career paths available within the Nuclear industry
  • ‘Heroes & Villains’ – Who influenced your career in the Nuclear industry? 
  • Parenting & Caring – A fine balancing act with your career 
  • The Nuclear industry – A minority within a minority 
  • Once Upon a Gender Role – Do social expectations still affect our career choices in 2020? 
  • A Gender Pandemic – How has COVID-19 affected the perception of flexible working and gender roles? 
  • Mentors vs Sponsors – Which is best and why you need them. 
  • Nuclear needs YOU - Why the Nuclear industry needs and wants more women.