Nuclear Skills Strategy Group


NSSG Project Theme Goal Key Outputs
Skills Leadership

UK’s lead strategic skills forum for the Nuclear Sector.

  1. Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan updated and published
An agreed Nuclear Timeline and clarity of Demand Requirements

Skills supply and demand solutions for optimised workforce utilisation at UK plc level.

  1. Nuclear Workforce Assessments and Nuclear Timeline produced on an annual basis
  2. LMI supply side modelling scenarios issued for fragile skills areas
  3. Optimal workforce  mobilisation model developed for new build
Meeting the Demand

The projected skills demand has been met through a diverse range of people and fragile skills are retained. 

Supply of skills relevant to the nuclear industry maximised by attracting and retaining diverse skills.

  1. Enable and simplify entry for nuclear sector new starters , sector jumpers and contract workers
  2. Subject Matter Expert development is accelerated and enhanced through Industry/academia collaborative programmes
  3. Group schemes developed, incentivised and implemented  to create a continuous pipeline of  skills  at all levels
  4. Communications of initiatives for attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce into the nuclear sector
  5. Implement and enable skills retention through mobilisation, transfer and redeployment of skills and knowledge across the nuclear sector
Training and Infrastructure Provision

Training Infrastructure provided that achieves the right nuclear training provision in the required regions.

  1. Recognised and transferrable curriculum and qualifications  are developed and implemented, meeting nuclear industry requirements
  2. A collaboration model for optimised delivery of the nuclear skills requirements
Training Standards and Qualifications

National standards recognised and aligned to LMI codes and employers pathways to competence.

  1. Common nuclear standards for skills developed for the nuclear industry
  2. Standardised career pathways
  3. An on-line platform providing visibility and access to pathways and standards