Nuclear Skills Strategy Group


NSSG Project Theme Goal Key Outputs
Enhanced skills leadership


  1.  Nuclear Skills Conference for the industry.
  2. People Plan integrated with Nuclear Sector Deal
  3. A Sectoral Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity (ED&I) Strategy
  4. A sectoral communication strategy for attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce into the sector.
  5. Commitment to the Future Boards Scheme recognising need to increase diversity at more senior levels.
  6. Nuclear Workforce Assessments and Nuclear Timeline produced annually and aligned with Skills Advisory Panel (SAP) and other regional analyses.
  7. LMI supply side modelling scenarios issued for fragile skills areas.
  8. Strategic Curriculum Review.
Local apprenticeships


  1. Apprenticeship standards and frameworks developed for specific nuclear skills
  2. Group schemes developed, incentivised and implemented to create a continuous pipeline of skills  at all levels
  3. Survey and evidence gathering on nuclear apprenticeships
Staying at the cutting edge


  1. Optimisation of existing funding for the maintenance and expansion of fragile skills areas
  2. Clarification of future HLS demand
  3. A development scheme for mid-career professionals to join the nuclear sector and gain the required expertise to become a Subject Matter Expert in an accelerated time
Sector Transferability


  1. Upskilling and redeployment to retain skills and knowledge across the nuclear
  2. A pilot for the transfer of at risk skills from Coal
  3. A mobility model that removes constraints for the movement of skills within the nuclear sector
  4. A range of standards for skills developed for the nuclear industry
  5. Standardised career pathways
Exciting the next generation about nuclear


  1. A coordinated school outreach programme that maximises impact to the nuclear sector
  2. Work experience that is consistent and is accessible to the “nuclear workplace”
  3. A professional development offering for teachers in nuclear related topics linking to career hubs and champions via Department for Education (DfE)
  4. A legacy of STEM resources accessible to the nuclear sector