Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

2019 Deliverables

Theme Key Outputs Deliverables Supporting Organisation Description

Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan updated Publish Update of Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan

Cogent Skills, Secretariat

NSSG Strategic Plan updated to reflect changes to the skills landscape and to align with the Nuclear Sector Deal

A Nuclear Skills Conference Nuclear Skills Conference held

Cogent Skills Secretariat

To promote and generate dialogue through facilitated workshops on NSSG delivery and the challenges to meet the future skills demand

Enhanced Skills Leadership

People Plan integrated Interface with Nuclear Sector Deal PMO established and plans integrated

Cogent Skills Secretariat

To establish processes and relationships with the NSD Programme Management Office (PMO) and other workstreams

A sectoral ED&I Strategy Launch of Sectoral ED&I Strategy

WiN, NDA, Prospect Trade Union

An ED&I Strategy for best practice and sharing across the sector

A ‘road map’ for achieving the 40% female workforce by 2030 published

WiN, NDA, Prospect Trade Union

The key interventions and deliverables to meet the NSD gender target

Commitment to the Future Boards Scheme NSSG member companies to be signed-up to the Future Boards Scheme

Cogent Skills Secretariat, NDA, NIA

To meet the NSD objective of improving gender balance at all levels of the workforce

A sectoral communication strategy A sectoral communication strategy for attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce into the nuclear sector

Cogent Skills Secretariat, NDA, NIA

A ‘branding’ approach in collaboration with the NIA that improves attraction into the nuclear sector

Nuclear Workforce Assessments and Nuclear Timeline Nuclear Workforce Assessment 2019 Review

Cogent Skills Secretariat

A review of the latest workforce demand of the nuclear sector

Strategic Curriculum Review Qualitative survey of key employers on standards and qualification needs


A survey of employers to review the training and qualification needs of the industry

Local Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship standards and frameworks L8 Nuclear Technical Specialist Apprenticeship Standard published


A nuclear technical standard for a vocational career route to L8

New Apprenticeship Standards reviewed and published per the SAG Standards Development Plan. To include Light Water Reactor Scientist, Reactor Desk Engineer and Radiation Protection Advisor


The development of new standards to meet the needs of the industry

Group schemes developed, incentivised and implemented Produce options review and agree recommendations with regional partners for implementation

NDA, EDF, Local Authorities and LEPs

To develop options for regional group schemes which may lead to local apprenticeships

Survey and evidence gathering Publish report on the use of apprenticeships (including levy) in nuclear sector

Cogent Skills Secretariat

To complete a review of apprenticeships and levy uptake in the nuclear sector

Staying at the Cutting Edge

Optimisation of existing funding for the maintenance Establish NEST collaboration objectives and engagement mechanism in conjunction with BEIS

Nuclear Dalton Institute, NDA, NNL, NSAN

Explore opportunities for international collaboration through the Nuclear Energy Agency, Nuclear Education, Skills and Training (NEST) programme

Clarification of future HLS demand Stage 1 Future Skills questionnaire (Trends for next 15-20 years)

Nuclear Dalton Institute, NDA, NNL, NSAN

Review the skills demand for future nuclear technologies through an industry wide survey

Alpha pilot bespoke development programme

Nuclear Dalton Institute, NDA, NNL, NSAN

Develop and ensure the skills capabilities for alpha material in conjunction with BEIS

Sector Transferability

Upskilling and redeployment Relevant Technical curriculum identified and delivered (linked to curriculum review)


Establishing the curriculum needs for upskilling in the nuclear sector

Publish ME&H Competences and Qualifications Matrix


Generating a standardised set of competences for Mechanical, Electrical & HVAC skills

A pilot for the transfer of at risk skills ECITB AELP programme first cohorts from Coal transferred


Establishing the curriculum needs for upskilling in the nuclear sector

A mobility model that removes constraints Security 'Myth Buster' published


Simplifying entry into the nuclear sector

Share NDA Mobility Strategy and recommend sector wide approach


Exploiting the NDA strategy to simplify mobility of skills in the nuclear sector

A range of standards for skills developed for the nuclear industry Occupational Map reviewed to confirm priorities for Training Standards


A ‘fit for purpose’ review of Training Standard

SVQ in Radiological Protection (L2) Approved


Approval and publication of Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Radiological Protection

Career Pathways launch


An online resource for Careers Pathway in the nuclear industry

Exciting the Next Generation about Nuclear

A coordinated outreach programme to attract a new generation of young people Nuclear resources portal and repository

NSSG Employers (EDF, NDA, ONR, MOD), NSAN and EngineeringUK

A STEM nuclear resources portal  covering the flight path for a young person accessible to all

Work experience that is consistent and is accessible Work experience toolkit and guidance

NSSG Employers (EDF, NDA, ONR, MOD), NSAN and EngineeringUK

Guidance and standardised resources for work experience in the nuclear sector

A professional development offering for teachers CPD toolkit for teachers

NSSG Employers (EDF, NDA, ONR, MOD), NSAN and EngineeringUK

Resources for teachers on career opportunities in the nuclear industry