Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

2018 Deliverables

Key Outputs Supporting Organisation Deliverables Description
Positioning the NSSG as the UK’s lead strategic skills


Updated Strategic Plan

An updated Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan to reflect changing landscape and implication of Nuclear Sector Deal

LMI supply side modelling scenarios issued for fragile skills areas

Planning and Delivery Group (PPDG)

Supply side modelling scenarios issued

The capability has been demonstrated of Supply side modelling. 

Nuclear Workforce Assessments and Nuclear Timeline produced on an annual basis


Nuclear Workforce Assessment 2018 Review complete and re-issued if required

A paper will be issued providing a narrative on fragile skills.

Optimal workforce mobilisation model developed for new build

EDF, Horizon, NUGEN

Optimal Workforce mobilisation Collaboration Model agreed

Collaboration agreement between all new build developers for the sharing and planning of construction skills.

Enable and simplify entry for nuclear sector new starters , sector jumpers and contract workers


Security Processes Optimised


Induction Processes Optimised


Targetted Transitioning Process

The ECITB Accelerated Experience and Learning Programme for graduates, apprentices and mid-career jumpers from other sectors

Subject Matter Expert development is accelerated and enhanced through Industry/academia collaborative programmes


Business Case developed to create 24 additional nuclear related PhDs

Case made to Government for additional PhDs required for the development of SMEs 

Group schemes developed, incentivised and implemented to create a continuous pipeline of skills at all levels


Group Scheme (apprentices) Requirements and Sector Deal BC defined

An outline proposal for a managed group apprenticeship scheme in support of Nuclear Sector Deal. 

Communications of initiatives for attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce into the nuclear sector

Liv Thompson WiN

Employers positively engaged on Diversity and initiatives promoted

A forum established to exchange and share best practice, knowledge and standards on Equality and Diversity. 


Next Generation Nuclear Embedded knowledge and undertanding pilot phase complete


Next Generation Nuclear Employers work experience pilot phase complete


Bursary Scheme launched

Bursary scheme to incentivise and encourage individuals to join the nuclear sector

Implement and enable skills retention through mobilisation, transfer and redeployment of skills and knowledge across the nuclear sector


TRS Pilot complete and full use of TRS implemented

Nuclear Gateway launched and aligned to the  recruitment cycle

Recognised and transferrable curriculum and qualifications are developed and implemented, meeting nuclear industry requirements


NCfN endorsed curriclum reviewed and published
Leverage and collaboration of high quality providers and facilities for optimised delivery of the nuclear skills requirements


Training provision regional proposal

A proposal for the optimal functioning of regional training infrastructure to meet employer needs

Common nuclear standards for skills developed for the nuclear industry Standardised career and competency framework available and accessible or all


Skills Standards Host System implemented (NITF Group to be made public on NTN)

A host system made available to SAG members and interested parties for skills standards 


Generic Career Mobility Pathways proposal

A proposal issued for a career pathways website available to the nuclear sector


Guidance Note for use of apprenticeships across developed administrations

Publications - apprenticeship map nuclear sector issue v11 sep 2017.pdf


Map linking Role Profiles, Apprenticeship Standards and Training Standards

To develop a user friendly go to resource for nuclear role profiles and standards


Criteria to define a proposal for T-Level placements

Criteria defining the basis on which a proposal for T-Level placements will be framed.