Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

About the NSSG

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group is the employer-led Nuclear Industry Skills lead and provides ‘one voice’ to government.

Who are our members?

Members include:

  • Major employers in the nuclear sector.
  • Government departments responsible for nuclear development and skills leadership.
  • Trade unions in the nuclear industries.

The NSSG is accountable for developing a Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan to address the key risks to skills and resources facing the industry, as it approaches a time of unparalleled growth

The NSSG is underpinned by a UK wide partnership approach between Government, industry, training providers and the various skills bodies can address the skills challenge, which the industry faces.

The NSSG represents both the civil and defence nuclear sectors, and its strategy addresses the skills infrastructure, processes, and the training provision needed to secure the required supply of qualified and competent people.

The NSSG was instrumental in developing the “People” section of the Nuclear Sector Deal in 2018, and has been asked by the Nuclear Industry Council to take the lead on implementation of that section. The updated Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan was explicitly aligned to the Sector Deal themes, so its primary outputs contribute directly to the Sector Deal.