Nuclear Skills Strategy Group

NSSG Theme Leads and Shadow Theme Leads

The NSSG’s Strategic Plan is organised along Six Key Themes, aligned with the structure of the Nuclear Sector Deal.

Each Theme has a nominated Theme Lead from among the NSSG’s membership, who takes responsibility for overseeing its planning and implementation on behalf of the NSSG. The Theme Lead will lead on development and consultation on the content of its strategic objectives, and the translation of these into deliverable actions in the NSSG Delivery Plan. They discuss with potential delivery partners how best the work can be done, and the resources available to do it. With the support of the NSSG Strategic Support Team, they review activity and report to the NSSG on progress against the objectives.

Shadow Theme Leads are identified through the Young Generation Network, as a way of supporting the Theme Leads and establishing a link to the next generation of leaders in the nuclear sector. They work together with Theme Leads on the planning and monitoring of the NSSG Delivery Plan, liaise with partner organisations, and sometimes take responsibility for particular focus on a sub-Theme.

The people currently acting as Theme Leads and Shadow Theme Leads are as follows:


Theme Lead

Shadow Theme Lead

Enhanced Skills Leadership

Corhyn Parr

Georgina Hines

Pathways & Apprenticeships

Justine Fosh

Charlotte Burman

Staying at the Cutting Edge

Rebecca Jenkins

Dakotah Shirfield

Sector Transferability

David Boath

Sarah Grayston

Exciting the Next Generation

Charlotte Burman


Developers Group

Jennie Chapman